What do we really want?

The answer of this question is not known to many people out there. If you ask anyone what they want, most of them will tell you what they don’t want. Sometimes we choose a career without actually knowing whether we want it or not. We may see someone doing well in that line of work and we think we can be like them too and we forget what we want and start in the wrong direction. I am not talking about everybody I am just talking about people who have a passion in their life, they know about it but still they are unable to quit the rat race. I read somewhere that even if you win the rat race you are still a rat.

If you really want to achieve something in your life you have to follow your passion. If you don’t know your passion then don’t worry you will find it. Make a list of things you are good at and try to use those to find your passion. You do not become a millionaire by working for someone else. You can always get a job. So if you have something in your mind or heart that you believe, can get you where you want to go, then you must do it and give it your best.

It is pretty risky and scary when you think like that leaving what you are doing right now. But remember this there is nothing more painful than the phrases which start with “I should have”. If you want a life different from the others you should be willing to do things different than the others. Life is too short for not taking any risk. Are you willing to risk everything for your dream? You have to believe that you will be successful. Don’t doubt yourself for even a single minute.

The only way to do great work is to love what you do – Steve Jobs


How to get up early in the morning?

Many of us try to get up in the morning but fail to do so. But there are few things which you can do to ensure that you get up early and also with a great mood.

Some people believe you won’t be able to wakeup if you don’t sleep much. I think this is not the full truth, from my personal experience you can wake up with same energy whether you had 6,8 or 4 hours of sleep. According to me if you have enough motivation to get up in the morning then you will, it doesn’t matter how much you slept.

I am going to give you some tips which will definitely help you to get up in the morning.

  1. You snooze, you lose. When you hit the snooze button you create a negative environment around you and that too in the morning which may ruin your entire day.
  2. Set your intentions before going to bed. Our first thought in the morning is usually the last thought we had in the night. So if you are going to bed with “Oh man! I am going to get only six hours of sleep.” Then chances are when you wake up you will be feeling exhausted. So instead of saying this try to have positive thoughts about waking up.
  3. Put your alarm clock across the room. If you have your alarm clock right beside you then chances are you hit the snooze button and keep on sleeping. So to wake up you have to keep your alarm clock at such place where you have to get up from your bed to reach it. This will result in some physical activity which really helps in waking up.
  4. Go to your bathroom and brush your teeth and splash some warm water on your face. This will refresh your body. Now it’s time to drink a glass of water, it’s crucial to hydrate yourself first thing in the morning. You can also fill it up in the night, so when you wake up it will be there.
  5. Get in your workout clothes; perform some exercise yoga whatever works for you.

These steps will definitely help you to get up in the morning. However if you still want more motivation to get up in the morning then you may try out the book “The Miracle Morning” by Hal Elrod. I am also looking for an accountability partner, well if you read it you will know what it means.

Wish you all the best.

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Not happy with your life? Read this.

Before I tell you how you can be happy with your life, ask yourself a question

Who is the happiest person you know?

Now I must tell you whoever that person is, he/she may look happy to you just because you think that they are happier than you.

If you search on Google “How to be happy” then there are lots of people telling you how to be happy but most of them are just telling you to affirm something when you wake up morning walks, look for positive, etc. but these all are a temporary solution to your problem as soon as you stop doing the above things you will start feeling unhappy with yourself again

Now here are some common problems faced by many people:

  • Soul sucking relationships
  • Poor marks
  • No friends
  • No social life
  • No money to enjoy like others
  • No special talents or interest in side activities
  • Poor physique
  • Low self esteem
  • Weak communication skills, etc.

Now, if you are thinking you have all those problems you are not alone. These are actually some of the problems I faced in my life but trust me if you think that you can run away from these problems you cannot instead there is only one solution that can help you to be happy even though these problems continue to exist. First of all stop doing all those meaningless affirmations which you downloaded from the internet and accept that your life is shit right now and you are just going through a bad phase. Many smart people tell you to stay positive no matter what. To stay positive you have to accept the negative because ignoring negative is not positive it is also a negative gesture. To stay positive means to accept your current situation and to move forward to change it by taking necessary steps towards it.

You will be happy when you see your current situation as temporary and instead of focusing on that you focus on what lies beyond that because the truth is life is not fair it may hurt you more when you are already hurt and you cannot do anything about it rather than just accepting it. I read many self-help books to be happy but none of them worked unless I realised that it is nature of life to be unfair you cannot live a life full of happiness and not having any problem, these kinds of lives can only be imagined.

Focus on the long term gains rather than settling for short term happiness.  To stay happy you have to accept the fact that life sucks sometimes but not always. The time passes, doesn’t matter good or bad. If you still find it difficult to focus on these long-term gains then I suggest you read some self-help books but not those which tell you to look in the mirror and tell yourself that you are happy. A person who is happy doesn’t have to look in the mirror and remind himself that he is happy, he just is happy.

No success comes without hard work, struggle, honesty, etc. Are you willing to give up everything to achieve that level of success? If you are, then most probably you will achieve it and in the course of achieving it you may find yourself unhappy but just remember it is temporary when you start seeing the bigger picture you will not pay attention to these things which hold you back. You will be happier because you know it is temporary.

So do not think you are the only one facing those problems there are many of us out there who are similar to you. Sometimes the only problem with us is that we don’t have people to listen to without getting ourselves judged. That’s why I have created this page so you can talk about your problems. I promise you I won’t judge you no matter what you have done. You can always contact me and talk about your problems and I will listen to those, every single one of them.

For the conclusion I am pointing out the main points:

  • Focus on the bigger picture,
  • Stop reminding yourself that you are happy,
  • Accept the life
  • Work harder to achieve your goals
  • Talk to someone about your problems who doesn’t judge you
  • Read self-help books

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I will be posting many self-improvement suggestions.

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